Equipment Repair

We understand that it is not always ideal to remove equipment from it’s operating location to perform repairs, that is why we have organized our field service organization to support maintaining your equipment at your worksite.

Our talented resources are geared up and ready to handle your equipment repairs in the field. ADEN supports two fully equipped service trucks so when it comes time to service your equipment, we have all the tooling needed to get the job done. Parts only last so long and the harder they work the sooner they wear out and need to be changed. We may be able to overhaul the equipment at your site or we can bring it back to ours, either way our very capable teams are there to help you get things working again. Servicing most makes and models of equipment. Call us to see how we can help you.

In situ Maintenance

ADEN provides quality service in industry. We have been on all major sites and have assisted on several facets of projects in all different stages. Dedicated to provide our clients with the services that exceed expectations.

Typical activities Include: 

  • Change out worn components
  • Equipment change outs and alignments
  • Base flatness checks and adjustments
  • Pipe strain / Pump checks
  • Laser alignment to API specifications with final reports
  • Post service balance to acquire new baselines

If we cant fix it there we offer maintenance in our shop, check out our removal and installation and transport services.

In situ Repair

Sometimes the maintenance team is unable save or extend the life of the equipment any longer. ADEN can bring our mechanics to you with our fully loaded service trucks. When shipping and time constraints become a concern our trades services can get to you and help get you running again.

Typical activities include:

  • Site repair activities
  • Pump overhauls
  • Conveyor rebuilds (Apron Feeders, Bucket Elevators, Idler swaps..)
  • Field Balancing (Fans, Blowers, Flywheels,Combines, Fibirizers,….)
  • Crusher rebuilds
  • Sizer rebuilds
  • Rotary Drum alignments and repairs

Other Services

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